About Exeunt NYC

Welcome to Exeunt NYC! It’s a place for thoughtful, longform coverage of the city’s Broadway and Off-Broadway scene, written from fresh, new perspectives.

Exeunt Magazine was founded in 2011 in the UK, where it’s earned a reputation for pioneering new approaches to theater criticism, and for widening the diversity of the voices commenting on theater. Our US coverage has been a crucial part of what we do from the beginning. With the launch of Exeunt NYC in 2018, we hoped to reach new audiences, and to develop ways of responding to New York’s ever-changing theater scene.


Exeunt NYC is a writer-driven, all-volunteer website. We are open to pitches for reviews, essays, op-eds, and features.  All our pieces are exclusive to Exeunt NYC.

We are looking for work that bring context and perspective to the issues of the theater today. Is there an artist you think folks should know about and you want to interview them? Is there a trend happening that you haven’t seen talked about enough? Is there an artistic process or approach you think deserves more attention? Is there a theater company or group doing work that is worth celebrating or raising awareness around?

Our writers have a broad range of experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including playwrights, performers, critics, journalists, and poets. We feel strongly that you do not need a theater or journalism degree to write about theater.

Pitches and questions may be sent to ExeuntEditors@gmail.com


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