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The World Only Spins Forward by Isaac Butler and Dan Kois

Podcast: Reflections on The World Only Spins Forward

Tony Kushner's epic play, Angels in America, had a famously messy birth and development. In their new book The World Only Spins Forward, authors Isaac Butler and Dan Kois, bring ...

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"Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of the Future" at Ars Nova (Photo: Ben Arons Photography)

Review: Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of the Future at Ars Nova

“Hello. My name is Rags Parkland. Thanks for comin’. I’m gonna sing some songs for ya.” These are the opening lines of Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of the Future, ...

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Sunset Boulevard (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Irrational Theater Dislikes: Our Critics Sound Off

We love theater. We really do.  Except, all the things we hate about theater. Our critics share their mostly irrational, personal peccadilloes about stage devices, theater management, and design elements ...

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A family in turmoil in The Ferryman (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Review: The Ferryman at Bernard Jacobs Theatre

Like one of those Celtic knots, Jez Butterworth’s The Ferryman, a story about a family in Northern Ireland set in 1981 amid the heyday of IRA menace, wills and weaves ...

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Maid and Mom (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Review: Mother of the Maid at Public Theater

When you think of Joan of Arc, a singular, brave girl with short-hair and armor comes to mind. She was a Catholic martyr who was burned at the stake and ...

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Review: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui at Classic Stage Company

A volcanic performance by Raúl Esparza outshines the flaws in this revival of Brecht's allegory play. Lane Williamson reviews.

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Exeunt NYC Recommends: November

Timely and topical plays debut on and off Broadway this November. A bit farther uptown, a Puccini masterpiece returns to the Metropolitan Opera for its hundredth anniversary. Our staff recommend all that and more!

23 October


Review: Natural Shocks at WP Theater

Women’s Project Theater

A shocking twist can't save a paper-thin script. Loren Noveck reviews.

Published Yesterday


Review: Wild Goose Dreams at the Public Theater

Public Theater

An ambitious, complex, at times unwieldy play that dramatizes the relationship between humans and the digital sphere as much as the relationships among its characters. Loren Noveck reviews.

15 November


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Review: Thom Pain (based on nothing) at Signature Theatre

Signature Theatre

"Let it be enough," the title character implores at the end of Will Eno's play, but our critic doubts that possibility with this revival. Joey Sims reviews.

15 November


Review: The Other Josh Cohen at Westside Theatre

Westside Theatre

This perky, hopeful new musical with catchy tunes makes even this critic-grouch optimistic. Nicole Serratore reviews.

14 November

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: October

Elaine May returns to Broadway. Anne Bogart brings ancient Greece to Brooklyn. Bedlam mashes up two classic plays. Our staff recommends all that and more this October.

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: September

From saints to computers to the Constitution, we have many new works to recommend this month.

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: Summer

As the summer festivals begin and things quiet down on Broadway and Off, we have some theatrical treats to keep you busy around town and out-of-town.

Exeunt Staff

Confess Your Theater Sexual Awakening

Our critics confess the formative sexy shows, performances, and moments that stirred them.

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Review: Catch as Catch Can at New Ohio Theatre

New Ohio Theatre

Mia Chung shatters expectations with her smart, challenging new family play. Alicia Kort reviews.

13 November


Review: The Chinese Lady at Theatre Row

Theatre Row

A fascinating historical look at Asians in America through the eyes of the first Chinese woman to come here. Nicole Serratore reviews

12 November


Review: King Kong at Broadway Theatre

Broadway Theatre

New giant ape musical is bizarre, messy, and excessive, but never quite satisfying as a whole. Alison Walls reviews.

12 November


Review: Waiting for Godot at Gerald W. Lynch Theatre

Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John J. College of Criminal Justice

Beckett's play has never been funnier than in Druid Theatre Company's production in the White Light Festival. Ran Xia reviews.

8 November

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4 June
Kev Berry

Taking Solace in the Comfort of Queer Art Created for Queer Audiences

Kev Berry reflects on Penny Arcade's Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! at Performance Space New York.

29 May
Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: June

Don't let the summer heat stop you from seeing some plays our critics recommend.

21 May
Exeunt Staff

The State of Plays

Are American plays on Broadway in crisis? Our critics discuss.

8 May
Nicole Serratore

What’s Wrong with Brand Name Art

Or Why You Should See SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Seriously. I Mean It. I’ll Wait. Go Buy Your Ticket Now.