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Amber Gray in Hadestown (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Review: Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

At once contemporary and timeless, romantic without being sappy, sad but not macabre, Hadestown is a wonderful piece of work. The music swings as the songs cultivate real, moving drama ...

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The Cast of Be More Chill (photo: Maria Baranova)

Review: Be More Chill at Lyceum Theatre

Be More Chill is a PSA on not to take the pill that will implant a snarky supercomputer in your brain—even if it tells you how to be cool. You ...

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The cast of Ain't Too Proud (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Review: Ain't Too Proud at Imperial Theatre

To date, there have been a total of twenty-four members of The Temptations; the greatest rhythm and blues group of Motown Records’ golden era. But Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and ...

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Cher Show

Review: The Cher Show at Neil Simon Theatre

The thing about The Cher Show is that, at some point, you pass through the veil of real life where things like logic and sense bear down and you emerge ...

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Jonny Lee Miller and Bertie Carvel in Ink (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Review: Ink at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

For journalists, the most fundamental lesson is that what sells the news and gets the clicks is a good story. James Graham’s Ink is the cracking story of the rebirth ...

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Review: Veil Widow Conspiracy at 4th Street Theatre

4th Street Theatre

Gordon Dahlquist's new play for NAATCO is intriguingly intricate but doesn't quite live up to its potential. Loren Noveck reviews.

Published Today


Dublin Saturday: A Day with Sean O’Casey

Three productions of Sean O'Casey's plays at the Irish Rep showcase his genius. Pat Maley soaks them all in in one day.

4 June


Review: Square Go at 59E59 Theaters

59E59 Theaters

Buzzing, humming, and full of imagination, this play about a school fight looks at the conflicts of growing up. Ran Xia reviews.

Published Yesterday


Review: Handbagged at 59E59

59E59 Theaters

A verbally expressive audience livened up this well-trod play about Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher. Joey Sims reviews.

13 June


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Review: Much Ado About Nothing at the Delacorte Theater

Delacorte Theater

Shakespeare in the Park kicks off with an all-black production of this summery rom-com, but leaves our critic wondering, "Can black joy be enough?". Maya Phillips reviews.

13 June


Review: Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune at Broadhurst Theatre

Broadhurst Theatre

Trapped in a bad date that won't end, Terrence McNally's play tests our patience. Nicole Serratore resists and reviews.

11 June

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: April

Daniel Fish and Heidi Schreck make it to Broadway, while Ivo van Hove and Enda Walsh take Brooklyn by storm. Our critics recommend all that and more this April.

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: March

Glenda Jackson's Lear, the latest from wunderkind Jeremy O. Harris, and the New York debut of Phoebe Waller-Bridge: all that and more are coming up this March.

Jess Barbagallo

Up in the Air with Bonnie’s Last Flight

Eliza Bent's audacious work embraces puns and play. With her new show taking flight this month, Jess Barbagallo observes and reports.

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: February

New musicals arrive on Broadway, a neglected Swedish master gets his due, and Dionysus becomes Diane. All that and more this February in New York!

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Review: You Never Touched the Dirt at the Wild Project

The Wild Project

A witty, smart production brings out the absurdity, the poignancy, and the cruelty in Zhu Yi's rich script . . . and also, there are sheep. Loren Noveck reviews.

7 June


Review: Long Lost at New York City Center – Stage I

New York City Center - Stage I

Donald Margulies's new play left our critic feeling like she'd seen it all before. Maya Phillips reviews.

6 June


Review: Little Women at Primary Stages

Cherry Lane Theatre

A new interpretation of Little Women from Kate Hamill delivers a garbled message about identity and pursuing your dreams. Nicole Serratore reviews.

5 June


Review: Nomad Motel at Atlantic Theater Stage 2

Atlantic Stage 2

Cameron Kelsall finds nothing authentic in Carla Ching's "compendium of clichés."

4 June

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21 January
Nicole Serratore

Review Round-Up: An Exponential Festival Sampler

At the 4th annual Exponential Festival, Nicole Serratore finds frequent laughs and is only mildly hostile about taking off her shoes.

1 January
Exeunt Staff

Most Memorable Theater of 2018

We share what shows and performances stayed with us in 2018.

28 November
Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: Winter

Broadway and music and festivals -- oh my! New York has it all this winter, and our critics share their top picks for December and January.

27 November
Exeunt Staff

A Dialogue on Dialogues

Our critics discuss the merit of dialogue reviews, the New York Times experimenting with them, and King Kong.