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Review: Sunset Baby at Signature Theatre

“Ain’t nothin’ sentimental about a dead revolution,” says Nina to her father as she kicks him out of her apartment, exhausted by his efforts to lean on her emotions to ...

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Review: A Doll's House at the Hudson Theatre

Amy Herzog’s writing has a surgical precision that pares away at the human experience to reveal the core truth of relationships. It was evident in her last theatrical outing, Mary ...

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Review: The Notebook at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

During previews for The Notebook on Broadway, the souvenir stand hawked branded boxes of Kleenex for five bucks a pop. The new musical, now open at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre ...

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The cast of Water for Elephants.Photo: Matthew Murphy

Review: Water for Elephants at the Imperial Theatre

One of my first Broadway experiences was Barnum, the circus-themed biography of swindler P. T. Barnum.  The musical is forgettable, but the final number, “Join the Circus” (featured prominently in ...

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Courtney Bassett, Helen J. Shen, Lexi Rhoades, Alyse Alan Louis, Wren Rivera, Phoenix Best, and Jenna Rose Husli in Teeth. Photo: Chelcie Parry.

Review: Teeth at Playwrights Horizons

Teeth–the new musical by Michael R. Jackson and Anna K. Jacobs freely adapted from the 2007 indie film–takes its roots in the horror genre seriously. It’s gory, including a number ...

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Review: Here There Are Blueberries at New York Theatre Workshop

New York Theatre Workshop

A Nazi photo album appears at the National Holocaust Museum and the archivists who receive it wrestle with its legacy in this new play by Moisés Kaufman and Amanda Gronich. Lorin Wertheimer reviews.

16 May


What Does Climate Change Have to Do with the Future of Directing? Notes from the International Directors Summit

Directors from all over the world met virtually for six months, seeking a more accessible, resilient, and inclusive theater industry.

13 April


Review: Small Acts of Daring Invention at HERE

HERE Arts Center

Loren Noveck finds this unsettling puppet piece visually stunning but emotionally ephemeral.

8 May


Review: Lorenzo at 59E59 Theaters

A storytelling show about death and grief maybe avoids the emotional crux of the material. Nicole Serratore reviews.

6 May


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Review: Mother Play at the Helen Hayes Theater

Helen Hayes Theater

Jessica Lange anchors Paula Vogel's new work, which works as both an act of forgiveness and an exorcism. Loren Noveck reviews.

4 May


Review: Stargazers at the Connelly Theater

Connelly Theater

Majkin Holmquist's new play roots itself in the Kansas land to examine what holds a community together. Loren Noveck reviews.

1 May

Kev Berry

Going to the Theater is Weird These Days

Playwright and performer Kev Berry offers a personal essay in which he grapples with returning to theatre after the shutdown and his own journey to sobriety.

Hansol Oh

When the Theaters Reopened: Observations from South Korea

Thermal cameras, hand sanitizer, and masks are the new normal for theaters in Korea. Hansol Oh saw 10 shows there and reports on her summer of theatergoing.

Nicole Serratore

Theater of Your Mind: Closet Dramas and More

Various theater-adjacent projects offer alternatives for reading and interpreting theater at home. Nicole Serratore explores closet dramas and their ilk.

Exeunt Staff

Theater 2020: The Season That Wasn’t

With a shortened 2020 theater season, we focus on the exciting artists we came across in 2020 and who we want to see more from in a post-pandemic theater world order.

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Review: Staff Meal at Playwrights Horizons

Playwrights Horizons

A show that is quirky, surprising, and risk-taking should tick all Lorin Wertheimer's boxes. And yet in this case, not so much.

1 May


Review: Patriots at the Barrymore Theatre

Barrymore Theatre

Peter Morgan's new play is a study in power. Lorin Wertheimer reviews.

28 April


Review: The Great Gatsby at the Broadway Theatre

Broadway Theatre

A glittering new musical adaptation of the beloved novel dazzles on Broadway. Juliet Hindell reviews.

25 April


Review: Suffs at the Music Box Theatre

Shaina Taub's likable suffragist musical could use some of its own advice. Cameron Kelsall reviews.

25 April

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9 July
Joey Sims

How The Doors Were Opened, and What Comes Next

The George Floyd protests opened up theater lobbies and has prompted a new dialogue about theater and race. Joey Sims investigates.

24 June
Joey Sims

Stage Managing One Zoom At A Time

Stage managers pivot to Zoom. Joey Sims reports on how this job has shifted in pandemic times.

10 May
Exeunt Staff

Online Theater: The Familiar vs. The New

Our critics gather to talk about what theater they are watching online and why.

5 May
Loren Noveck

Viral Content for Our Viral Moment?

Loren Noveck muses on capturing a little bit of live theater's spark in Instagram monologues.