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Kate del Castillo in The Way She Spoke (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Review: The Way She Spoke at the Minetta Lane

The “way she spoke” is the way a mother pleads for the safety of her missing daughter; the “way she spoke” is the way an actress weeps as she reads ...

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Review: Bat Out of Hell at New York City Center

A good friend loves to remind me of a pure expression of astonishment he once witnessed on my face. It was at Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and it came ...

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Amber Gray in Hadestown (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Review: Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

At once contemporary and timeless, romantic without being sappy, sad but not macabre, Hadestown is a wonderful piece of work. The music swings as the songs cultivate real, moving drama ...

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The cast of Ain't Too Proud (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Review: Ain't Too Proud at Imperial Theatre

To date, there have been a total of twenty-four members of The Temptations; the greatest rhythm and blues group of Motown Records’ golden era. But Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and ...

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Hannah Gadsby (Photo: Jill Greenberg)

Review: Douglas at the Daryl Roth Theatre

So you’re Hannah Gadsby. You’re a well-known Australian comedian with a ten-year track record, and then you do a show in which you publicly give up comedy. The piece zeroes ...

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Review: Betrayal at Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

Stylish and cool, with some incongruous choices, but a talented cast give a thoughtful exploration of Pinter's famous play. Maya Phillips reviews.

11 September


Exeunt NYC Recommends: September 2019

From British imports on Broadway to experimental art downtown, Exeunt NYC recommends it all and more this September.

26 August


Review: BAD NEWS! i was there… at the NYU Skirball Center

NYU Skirball Center

This mash-up of Ancient Greek messenger speeches tries to break conventionality with a roving audience and miles of caution tape, but it ends up falling into its own traps. Alison Walls reviews.

10 September


Review: Superterranean at Philly Fringe

2300 Arena

An avant-garde choose your own adventure from Pig Iron and Mimi Lien ends up curiously empty. Cameron Kelsall reviews.

9 September


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Review: American Moor at Red Bull Theater

Cherry Lane Theatre

Keith Hamilton Cobb's impassioned argument for having a voice in his own representation is compelling, but also holds too much back. Juan A. Ramirez reviews.

8 September


Review: Waterboy and the Mighty World at Bushwick Starr

Bushwick Starr

Loose connections but stronger feelings bring a sense of community to a devised work by The HawtPlates. Joey Sims reviews

6 September

Joey Sims

The Trouble With Timbers

Can Alex Timbers find the heart in his shows? Joey Sims ponders Timbers' recent Broadway outings.

Exeunt Staff

A Contemplation of Design

Our critics share their thoughts and feelings about theater design.

Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: Summer 2019

Forget the beach! There's plenty to see on and off Broadway this summer. Exeunt NYC's critics clue you in on the hottest openings between now and the end of August.

Patrick Maley

Dublin Saturday: A Day with Sean O’Casey

Three productions of Sean O'Casey's plays at the Irish Rep showcase his genius. Pat Maley soaks them all in in one day.

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Review: Felix Starro at Ma-Yi Theater Company

Theatre Row

Despite a bumpy road, a new musical by Filipino American artists about Filipino American characters, Felix Starro, has a compelling destination. Caroline Cao reviews.

3 September


Review: Make Believe at Second Stage Theater

Second Stage Theater

Playwright Bess Wohl finds a new angle on the familiar tale of family collapse. Alison Walls reviews.

30 August


Review: Love, Noël at the Irish Repertory Theatre

Irish Repertory Theatre

Weaving together Noël Coward's songs and letters, Irish Rep's cabaret piece is "unwaveringly affectionate" to the noted raconteur and capitalizes on his clever wordplay. Juliet Hindell reviews.

14 August


Review: What We May Be at Berkshire Theatre Group

Berkshire Theatre Group

Cameron Kelsall is not complaining about Kathleen Clark's sweet-natured love letter to the ethos of community theater, featuring a star turn by Penny Fuller.

13 August

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28 March
Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: April

Daniel Fish and Heidi Schreck make it to Broadway, while Ivo van Hove and Enda Walsh take Brooklyn by storm. Our critics recommend all that and more this April.

24 February
Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: March

Glenda Jackson's Lear, the latest from wunderkind Jeremy O. Harris, and the New York debut of Phoebe Waller-Bridge: all that and more are coming up this March.

13 February
Jess Barbagallo

Up in the Air with Bonnie’s Last Flight

Eliza Bent's audacious work embraces puns and play. With her new show taking flight this month, Jess Barbagallo observes and reports.

28 January
Exeunt Staff

Exeunt NYC Recommends: February

New musicals arrive on Broadway, a neglected Swedish master gets his due, and Dionysus becomes Diane. All that and more this February in New York!